Optical - Perception



Touch me,

Except for these wet bulbs who rotate

in the empty holes of this face ,

I  have other eyes

Whom I watch you with.


Touch me,

Lanterns of all my eyes

Would  be  glooming  by your  touch.


Touch  me ,

With this very  mortal  hand  of  yours.


My  shrouded  eyes

Concealed  from  everyone’s  eyes

Watch  the  crickets  jumping  up  and  down

-         longing  for  the  privy  basin –

Hidden  far  in  the  corner  of  the  plane ,

Deep  in  the  darks of night

Through  the  thousand circles that  the earth

has  rolled , seared  and  sizzling

                                  In  a  path  of  fire

The  shrouded  eyes  of  my lips

See  the  invisible moves  of  your  tongue

Who  writes  down  the  letters  of  “Desire”

                                       on  the cieling  of  your  mouth

I  desire !

I  desire !